Virtual: Greater Lowell Indian Cultural Association (GLICA)
Apr 28, 2020
Tom " Eagle Rising" Libby
Virtual: Greater Lowell Indian Cultural Association (GLICA)

Eagle Rising is of Mi'gmaq/Mi'kmaq decent and his people lived in what is today Nova Scotia, Canada and spread through the coastal areas of Maine, New Hampshire, and northern Massachusetts.

Eagle Rising has been a member of GLICA for the past 18 years, on council for 15 years and Chief for 11 years.  Although he was not brought up living in the culture, he was a keen student, and now shares his culture with those who are interested in learning, both native and non-native alike.

An "amateur" historian of the aborginal people of the Eastern Woodlands, Eagle Rising has been invited and been able to be helpful to,but not limited to the educational institutions such as:

The Lowell Folk Festival,  UMass Lowell, Meeimack College, Middlesex Community College, Local churches, local High Schools (Lowell, Billericam Tewksbury...  Bedford VA hospital and many others

The key to his success is the need for Eagle Rising to keep educating himself, about the culture, the history of the people, the tools of the ancestors, and the constant connection tot he natural worls.  Also keeing the orgaanization moving forward with a constant eye on the past, which consists of educating others.