Jul 02, 2019
Daniel Kopp
Mid-career sabbatical - traveling across 37 states in an RV

Daniel Kopp will share his experiences about planning a mid-career sabbatical and traveling across 37 states in an RV exploring dozens of National and State Parks in an 8 month break.

Daniel Kopp is a fee-only, fiduciary financial planner and founder of Wise Stewardship Financial Planning where he helps young widows and widowers as well as servicemembers get their financial lives in order by aligning their money with their values. He is also an Air Force veteran after almost 9 years as an officer on active duty during which he served as an Air Battle Manager participating in combat deployments and training opportunities all across the world. Out side of his official military commitments, Daniel has always had a passion to help servicemembers and their families master their finances where he served as a volunteer financial counselor during most of his time on active duty as well as creating Military Life Planning to help inform, educate, and advise service members.

Daniel will also share how others can also consider planning sabbaticals as well!