Despite the rain, we held a successful Rotary Day of Service on Saturday (May 18th) at our native pollinator preservation garden in Page Field. The hardy group that came out helped weed (and there were lots!) and mulch the area. 
We were not sure if everything survived the winter but a number of plants did and seem to be thriving. Keep an eye on the garden to see what else will pop up! The good news is that we will have a planting day in the fall to expand the garden. We'll also need help with weeding during the summer so stay tuned for those days. 
Shout out to club members Judi, Pam, Marc, Ralph, Katie, Debi and Paula for all their work and a big thank you to our new friends Jane and Al, Renee and Freddie whose help was invaluable!
Some before and after photos:
and after: