MIT Priscilla King Gray Public Service Center
For over 5 years, a group of dedicated Bedford Rotarians have been volunteering for the MIT IDEAS Global Challenge contest, in which teams of MIT students compete for prize money. The teams use these prizes to pilot innovative world changing projects to help underserved populations. The projects cover many of the Rotary themes (improved education, clean water, health, economic growth, …).
As part of this partnership with the MIT PKG PSC, the Rotary Club of Bedford has created a network of clubs and organizations that have shown interest (or helped fund our first Rotary Global Grant), including RCs of Beverly Hills CA, Wachusett MA, Cooperstown NY and Rotary China.

Victor with AJ Willmer of RC of Beverly Hills CA

If you are an MIT alumni or if you are interested in helping our network of clubs assist MIT student teams change the world, please contact Victor Tom at