The Rotary Club of Bedford Funded these Projects in 2021-2022:
Matching Disaster Relief Fund up til April 15
  include reason,  Ukraine
  $4050 matched;   Annual fund matched $
Sleep In Heavenly Peace ( bed delivery)
donated $1000 to First Church of Christ,  rerouted to Sleep in Heavenly Peace
 attach info and pictures 

Friendly Waters (Kenya)

We were able to raise $4,675 for Friendly Water, including a district match, funds from our club’s foundation and individual contributions. This was enough to build 3 water catchment basins. We chose to build them all at the Namanja Primary School. This was a priority because half of the students and staff at the school, which serves 950 students, were spending half of their school days going to fetch water. This was necessary as the bore holes, from which they obtain water, run dry. Soon they will be able to spend all day learning.



Zanmi Beni is a facility on the outskirts of Port of Prince Haiti. Initially, children discarded by families because of HIV, Cerebral Palsy, and developmental disabilities, were all housed in a room at the National Hospital. But when a major earthquake his Port of Prince in 2010 the hospital had to vacate the children to make room for critical care patients. “Operation Blessing” and “Partners in Health” were asked for their help in relocating the children. An abandoned estate was purchased just outside Port of Prince and repairs and renovations to the facilities were started to make it habitable for the children. Zanmi Beni (which translates to Blessed Friends) is not an orphanage, it is the permanent home for the children that are living there. Initially 48 children were relocated to the facility, but that number has swelled to 64 children. About half the children are disabled (suffering from HIV, Cerebral Palsy, and a variety of developmental disabilities). The children are living at the facility which they named Zanmi Beni Children’s Home where they can live in a peaceful, safe, and caring environment amid the chaos going on all around them. Love, affection, and physical therapy are administered to each and every child by the 150 care givers (teachers, and physical therapists) as necessary. All the children were practically infants when the facility was opened and now range in ages from 3 to their mid-20s.

About 30 of the children attend public schools, but in Haiti but there are no programs/facilities for children with learning or physical disabilities making it practically impossible for them to receive a good education. The results of test scores revealed the obvious; the children were significantly underachieving. A detailed study was undertaken to determine the root cause of the problem. The results were that the children were fighting their own physical and mental disabilities as well as having no place to study.

The decision was made to build an educational facility at Zanmi Beni. A Haitian Architectural firm donated their talents to design the educational facility which was completed in 2020. The Northborough Rotary Club is undertaking to raise the money needed to outfit the facility with basic essentials and there are plans to add computers and solar panels for a reliable clean power source in the future.  The Bedford Rotary Foundation helped the Northborough Rotary Club in their district foundation grant.


Girl Scout Gold Award (Map to Health)

 Anisha Aggarwal needed to buy software for her Girl Scout Gold Award to map Lowell.  She also need help in printing the trifolds to give out.  


Bedford Bicycle day (Bike Helmets)

Back to school in-person


Light Up Bedford (Bike Lights)

 Holiday lighting near fire station


Pollinator Garden Project

Monarch milkweed give away at Trunk and Treat

Winter sow expenses


Shoes for Clubfoot, phase 1n (Kenya)

RAG4foot World Disability Club 

Rotary Club of World Disability Advocacy member Rotarian Anne Onyango



  1. Pairs done -35

  2. Purchased 2 Machines (One for Kisumu + Nairobi ).

  3. Currently in Kisumu there are 3 people working.

  4. Nairobi workshop setup will be complete on the 1st July

  5. Currently we are conducting a shoe campaign where we are collecting sport shoes and also calling out for people to help needy emergency cases that need orthopedic boots .

  6. We are currently making mats, table runners and sandals to supplement the income and enable us to get more shoes made.

  7. We have created a gofundme account to enable us to fundraise to reach the target 100 pairs in the month of June.

  8. Awareness is continuing on the local radios

  9. We have a few people assisting us run the campaign on social media.

  10. We have so far collected 40 pairs of sports shoes.

  11. We have changed the campaign to an orthopedic boots fundraiser.  


Support for Bedford High School All-Night Graduation Party


Bedford Creativity Destination Imagination


Support Software for Bedford TV