The Bedford TV Interact Club being formed by our student directors, Swetha Kaundinya and Sachi Regmi will be holding elections at the next Wednesday meeting.  Nomination of the  President, Secretary, and Treasurer will take place and a voting will be held.

The officers must be age 12 or older.  Assistant presidents, secretary, and treasurer may be any age.  All members grade 3 through 8 are encouraged to consider a leadership position and encourage a fellow member to make an appropriate nomination.  Elections will take place by secret ballot.  

Mentoring opportunities at Bedford TV promote leadership skill development. Opportunity  through Rotary enable a more formalization of those important skills.
Hana A, Audrey C, Akshat B, Noah G, and Taevy M are eligible to be officers.
Rhai A, Ben C, Lindsey P, Faith L, Henry P, Sidnie R, and Elliott C are eligible to be assistant officers.  

As Rotary is a community service organization this partnership with Bedford TV enables students to assist in promoting key needs of our community.  One important need for many is the shortage of food.  The Middlesex Community College food bank for the past few years has been running seriously low.  On April 27, the Rotary Club of Bedford and Concord have been joined by other neighboring clubs to hold a meal packing event through an organization called Meals of Hope.  

As this event is organized by Bedford Rotarians, Middlesex Community College in Bedford has become the venue for this event which is in its 9th year.  Extra meals will be shared with other organizations in our area. At this next Interact Club meeting well will be talking about how our club can assist with the PR related to this service to our community.  Those interested are encouraged to sign up through this specific website

There is no cost to participate.  Please check the link above for more information about the 27 April event.  Young people are always welcomed to participate as parents enjoy this community sharing as well.  Signing up on line is a requirement for attending this event. 

When allowed access to professional resources such as the top of the line equipment of Bedford TV, including staff support, I continue to be impressed how students even as young as grade 3 can reach above and beyond themselves as they explore, discover, and apply skills many did not even know they had.  This sharing and working with others is all part of the community kindness we all want to continue to promote.  Working with young people is like working with the future, and I continue to be more and more impressed each year.  Bedford parents are absolutely key making Bedford the special town we have